Friday, February 13, 2009

Goats milk is good for you!

Ok, I cannot say enough about this soap! I for the longest time have been buying soap with mosturizers, soap for sensitive skin, plain soap, every kind of soap that promised relief from eczema, winter skin itch, dry skin with no relief. I was still slapping on all different kinds of lotions that promised all day moisture (ha!), relief from eczema and itchy skin...still, no relief. I heard the best things about goats milk soap. So, I ordered a Simply goats milk soap for relief of my eczema and dry, itchy winter skin. This stuff ROCKS!!! The first time I used it I got out of the shower feeling clean, soft, and not itchy! I have not put lotion on since I started using this soap. The eczema on my hands is cleared up, my skin is all over soft! I ordered mine from Smokey mountain scents...she has all kinds, scented and unscented. Check out her shop!

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